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Design. Connect. Supply

BIMobject® releases BIMsupply®, a cloud-based solution that will allow BIM users to create bill of materials, tenders, bids and direct orders seamlessly within a BIM project in Autodesk Revit. The solution will allow for cloud-based sharing of lists of products and materials with Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) in order to get pricing, quotes or to place direct orders. The solution is the world's first O2O (Online to Offline) solution for BIM, fully integrated with Autodesk Revit, BIMobject Cloud and the recently released cloud platform Forge from Autodesk. BIMsupply will allow business matching between BIM users and BPMs. It will be a platform where they can connect and communicate on projects, products and materials through lists and in full 3D BIM.

BIMsupply will offer cloud-based 3D project spaces where designers, planners and specifiers can work simultaneously and invite any number of BPMs to join the conversation and BIM project model. No software installation is needed, it all runs in a web browser, and it is a real time 3D environment with full BIM data. The project can be explored, analysed, communicated and used to increase understanding of products, materials and configurations in context of the building design.

BIMsupply will create a better understanding and communication between the BIM users and the BPMs of the actual products, as they will see these in the context of the building design. It will remove mistakes and errors that today come from miscommunication in paper-based and fragmented processes and speed up the whole supply process.

  • “BIMsupply is based on the BIMobject Cloud as well as the cloud solution Forge, from Autodesk. For the first time, the Building Product Manufacturers get a cloud solution that allows them to be part of the BIM process, interact, support and assist. We are rapidly moving into the digitalisation of the construction industry. Based on the new Autodesk Forge we are taking a quantum leap into the future of high level of product information shared by BIM in the cloud.”

    Ben O’Donnell, CTO and co-founder of BIMobject
  • “Welcome to a new digital world that we think can be a real game changer. Boosted by our professional global community of users, our superior cloud platform, manufacturers’ digital products and our eagerness to challenge everything, we have built the supply solution for the future based on BIM and BIM objects. Through our relationship with Autodesk, we have managed to build this solution on top of their new cloud solution, Forge.”

    Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject
  • “The value of our services just went from being digital marketing and pre-sales tools to actually become a new platform for e-business. This has potential to be a major break-through in shortening the buying process and get the proper products, actually detailed enough to be configured for purchase integrated in the BIM models. O2O is the future and we are now the first company in the world offering a complete solution to take products and materials online, get them into the actual projects and then returning back with requests for orders, specifications and supply chain connections. Welcome to the digital future for construction and supply.”

    Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject